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lmost a▓ year when a woman infected with the H5N1 strain died in Beijing on Monday, the local hea

lth ▓bureau said yest

erday.Huang Yanqing, 19, a native of Fujian province, died around 7:20, the Beijing municipal he

alth bureau said in a press

release. She ▓fell ill on Dec 24 and was hospitalized three days later.Experts from the Beijing C

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enter for Disease Control▓ and Prevention and the Academy of Military Medica▓l Sciences tested Huang's virus samples. The Chinese Center for Disease Control

and Prevention, which r▓eviewed the results, confirmed that the s▓ample tested positive for the H5N1 strai▓n, the bureau said.The Ministry of Health, too, said H▓uan

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g had been infected with the highly pathogenic avian influenza.Central health authorities have inform▓ed the World Health Organization (WHO), and the health departments of Hon

es and even a red-light district appeared. Places like the Guanghe

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